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At iTech, we recognize that our future will be shaped by our people. Our Endeavour is to create a positive and dynamic environment, in which our people feel free to innovate and collaborate. We work, learn, grow in a stimulating, challenging and friendly environment that encourages innovation, entrepreneurship and accelerates individual learning through the sharing of collective knowledge and experience. We believe that every individual possesses talent and make every effort to facilitate the harnessing of that talent so that it becomes the engine for the growth of the individual and the organization iTech, we strive to promote a healthy and positive work-life balance that improves performance and emphasizes long-term careers where you get to work with the best talents in the industry, and interact closely with senior management and thought leaders. If you are interested in exploring career opportunities at itech we’d like to hear from you Mail us your resume at [email protected] or submit your resumes in the form to the right

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