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Khalid Isar

Started with becoming the largest channel partner of ecommerce giant – ‘Alibaba.com’, iTech Ecommerce Pvt Ltd eventually bootstrapped to rebrand the product and services of Alibaba and enabled businesses of Indian SMEs to extend their reach to the right audience with the aid of latest technological developments. It made ecommerce and IT aspect a lot more simple, cost effective and interactive We are progressive in our approach be it products, services & processes. We diligently study all plausible aspects of a business to provide the best consultancy

Keeping a strong roadmap into introspect, iTech Ecommerce Pvt Ltd envisages a big scope for future in blending its automated and integrated technologies of E-commerce with the Marketing and Advertisement of SMEs through integration with internet.

We’re looking to cater immersive experiences by exploring the scope and possibility of I.T. based solutions for ecommerce, while revamping the whole market sphere by venturing our S emphatic dream to undertake the untouched segments of the current Indian market and transforming it into real.

Khalid Isar