iTech always ensure that each of our web deliverable is unique and world class. We design and build websites to impact sales, advocacy, and lead generation helping businesses being the best they can be. We see design as a integration of brand, technology, strategy, systems and market.

And when we bring them together, magic happens!

Our Webology

UX Research

Research is paramount. We research and understand the persona needs, the unique value propositions of our clients. We ask questions. We take notes. We learn everything we can about the target audience, and then iteratively test our work throughout the design process.

Technology Planning
& Design

Our team is well versed in a wide range of technologies. This phase is where we work out how what we are designing will work and how it will fit together. This phase will define its scope, its features and functionality and how it behaves.

& Integration

Great ideas are only as good as their execution. We identify whether what we came up with in the design phase actually works with its intended audience. This phase is typically followed by further rounds of design and testing to solve the problems we inevitably find when we test with users.

Launch & Support

It all comes together during launch. We guide our clients through this crucial period, and we offer ongoing support, strategy, measurement, and guidance.

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