Ceo Speaks

Khalid Isar is the founder and CEO of iTech Ecommerce Company. iTech helps emerging small and medium businesses get off the ground and grow into successful companies. iTech helps it by offering great deal ecommerce solution and by making it accessible to people that previously wouldn’t be able to afford it. In previous assignment Khalid headed the operations of in India as the country general manager and was responsible for driving the company’s local growth. This includes continuing to grow the platform’s Indian supplier base and contributing to the country’s business expansion plans across all locations in India. Khalid joined in 2010 as Regional Manager – North and was part of the team who helped establish the operations of in India. Khalid has more than 15 years of experience in information technology, Internet, sales, marketing and operations.

Prior to joining Network 18 Group for the new media division and contributed immensely in penetrating the market. He was also with Times of India Group, on

“We are progressive in our approach be it products, services & processes. We diligently study all plausible aspects of a business to provide the best consultancy.”

“We’re looking to cater immersive experiences by exploring the scope and possibility of I.T. based solutions for e-commerce, while revamping the whole market sphere by venturing our emphatic dream to undertake the untouched segments of the current Indian market and transforming it into real.”